Justice League - New 52 - SHAZAM! Action Figure (2013)

With the early success of the New 52 rebooting of the DC Universe in 2011, writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank reimagined Captain Marvel and renamed him "Shazam" in the pages of the relaunched Justice League title. Following the conclusion of the story,  an action figure release of the new World's Mightiest Mortal was soon added to the Justice League New 52 action figure collection, as DC Collectibles followed it up with the release of SHAZAM! 

You can find the story that the SHAZAM! action figure is based on in:

Originally published in Justice League (Series 2011) #7-11 (May-Sept 2012), 0 (Nov 2012), 14-16 (Jan-Mar 2013), 18-21 (May-Aug 2013)

Reprinted in SHAZAM!: Origins - ISBN 10: 1401287891 - ISBN 13: 978-1401287894

Reprinted in SHAZAM!: The Deluxe Edition - ISBN 13: 9781401246990 



From DC COMICS—THE NEW 52 and the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE comes an action figure of Earth's Mightiest Mortal based on the designs of comics superstar Gary Frank.

Action Figure ● $24.95 US
On Sale December 2013
*Allocations May Occur

Release Date: December 18, 2013

Box data

Four color, peg hook window box with inner plastic vacuum-formed figure holder. Figure legs are connected to character holder with gray coated twist ties.

Weight and Dimensions

Weight: 10.5oz

Height: 11.75"
Width: 6"
Depth: 3.25"

Front of Box

Header logo: Justice League

Footer logo: DC Comics - The New 52 - SHAZAM! Action Figure
Brand logo: DC Collectibles

Disclaimer: WARNING. CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years. FOR AGES 14 AND UP.

The SHAZAM! action figure is partially revealed/obscured by utilizing the peel effect borrowed from the DC Comics peel logo.

The peel is colored red to match the primary color of Shazam's uniform. 

Box Side - Left

Based on the art of Gary Frank
Sculpted by Derek Miller

Box Side - Right

Silhouette image of Shazam based on the Gary Frank design. The silhouette artist is unknown.

Back of Box

From DC Comics - The New 52 and the pages of Justice League comes this action figure of Earth’s Mightiest Mortal based on the designs of comics superstar Gary Frank.

The box back shows a close-up of the Shazam! figure's head. There is an advertisement for the Trinity Three-Pack (a repackaging of the previously released Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman figures).

There is also a group shot of the previously released Justice League figures: Aquaman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, The Flash, and Cyborg.

The DC Comics peel logo,  which debuted in 2011, is found on the lower left and an advertisement for the WE CAN BE HEROES charity site to fight hunger is found on the lower right. The now defunct url, www.WeCanBeHeroes.org, redirects to DCComics.com.

Bottom of Box

Manufactured in Guangdong China for DC Collectibles. Products may vary from images shown. All characters, their distinctive likenesses and related elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics.

UPC: 7 61941 31425 9

Please retain this address for you records: Diamond Comic Distributors Runcorn Warehouse Canalside, Warrington Road Manor Park, Runcorn WA7 1SN United Kingdom

Conforms to the safety requirements of ASTM F963-11

Figure specifications

Figure height: 6.75"
Figure weight: 5.7 oz.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black with Blue highlights
Accessories: None.


While Shazam has multiple points of articulation, neither his torso or feet swivel. His knees are jointed, his hands spin, his elbows are jointed and his shoulders and forearms are movable. His head can also swivel although that motion is hampered by the non-removable hood. His cape is made of plastic and is formed by joining the upper hood and cape flap to the lower larger portion of cape.
Shazam full figure - front and back

Face and head

Shazam sports brown eyes. Shazam's eyes were changed from blue to brown by artist Alex Ross in Shazam!: The Power of Hope. Shazam maintains a pug nose as defined in his earliest incarnation in Fawcett Publications' Whiz Comics, Captain Marvel Adventures and Marvel Family Comics.

One of the New 52 Shazam's most notable new features is his gold-trimmed white hood. While he typically doesn't wear it, it was chosen to be in an up position for this figure. Shazam's white hood is non-removable, although it can be pushed back with care but doing so runs the risk of detaching one of the cape clasps.

Shazam's wavy, slick black hair can be exposed by carefully pushing the hood back off his head. His thick eyebrows will also be fully exposed. Both his hair and eyebrows are also holdovers from his Fawcett Publications days. Shazam's ears, however, appear to lack the quality control one would find in a character whose head wasn't hooded. 

Shazam! face closeup with hood

Shazam! face closeup without hood


Shazam's bolt is the Gary Frank design. It is a white bolt with black (Jack) Kirby Krackle energy dots. The outer border is a straight-lined gold border. The belt is also the Gary Frank design with a circle in the center with lightning bolt etchings.
Shazam! Bolt and Belt


Shazam's right hand is balled into a fist while his left hand is in a gripping or spell-casting position. Both hands feature the Gary Frank designed gold gauntlets. Both gauntlets feature the lightning bolt etching. One can only guess that this design was chosen so that artists wouldn't have to remember how many rings were on Captain Marvel's traditional gauntlets.

Shazam's right and left hands


Shazam's boots were also redesigned by Gary Frank. The inner boot is white while the gold outer boot is cutout which exposes the inner boot.

Shazam's right boot contains a hexagon peg hole for a figure stand. It also indicates that the figure was made in China and also contains a DCC (613) stamp, presumably DC Collectibles and figure 613. Shazam's left boot is stamped copyright DC Comics and contains a black lettered code: B25613 - the same number on the bottom of the box.

Shazam's right and left boot bottom


Walt says: this is not one of my favorite Captain Marvel action figures. I hate the hood that was introduced with the New 52 Shazam! If it were removable, I would give the figure higher marks. The other issue I have with this figure is the ratio of legs to torso. The legs are abnormally long which gives the impression that they are out of scale with the torso. Another issue is the lightning bolt. I love Gary Frank's artwork but I am not a fan of his lightning bolt. I have never liked white and yellow in combination, but had the outer yellow border also been scalloped like the inner bolt I would have given this figure higher marks.


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