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DC Comics Icons: Black Adam - Forever Evil - Action Figure (2015)

by Walt Grogan In 2015, DC Collectibles launched a new line of action figures in a 6" scale with multiple points of articulation. This smaller scale of action figures also included additional accessories often not included with other figures such as additional hands in various poses. The line ultimately produced 25 single figure packaged action figures as well as an Atom 3-pack, a Darkseid/Grail 2-pack, a Superboy/Robin 2-pack, a Superman/Doomsday 2-pack and a New 52 Justice League 7-pack. The Batman and Superman figures (#27 & #28) and the Justice League multi-pack were released in the 6.75" scale. There was also an accessory pack. The first (and only) Marvel Family member to be produced for the line was The New 52 Black Adam. based on the Gary Frank design from the SHAZAM!: Rebirth storyline that was serialized in Justice League. DC intended to follow this release up with a Captain Marvel/"SHAZAM!" figure which was solicited but ultimately canceled. Solicitati

Mattel DC Universe Action League - "SHAZAM!" - Action Figure (2012)

by Walt Grogan Mattel's  DC Universe Action League line of mini-action figures debuted in 2009. The action figures were based on the popular Batman: The Brave and The Bold line of larger figures and sculpted in the bigfoot style popularized by the animated TV show of the same name (which also debuted the same year). Captain Marvel AKA "SHAZAM!" (for marketing purposes) and voiced by Jeff Bennett appeared in five episodes of the show:  Season 2, Episode 3: "Death Race to Oblivion!" - November 20, 2009 (US). Cap appears in the teaser. Season 2, Episode 10:  "The Power of Shazam!" - April 2, 2010 (US). Cap appears in the main story along with Dr. Sivana, his Sivana Family and Black Adam. Season 2, Episode 13:  "The Siege of Starro! Part One" - September 17, 2010 (US). Batman teams up with Cap, Firestorm, Booster Gold, and B'wana Beast to battle Starro. Season 2, Episode 26:  "The Malicious Mr. Mind!" - April 8, 2011 (US). Ca

DC Direct Deluxe Action Figures - SHAZAM! - Deluxe Action Figure Set (2000)

DC Direct, a subsidiary of DC Comics, started releasing action figures of DC characters and super heroes in 1998. It wasn't until 2000, that the first DC action figure of Captain Marvel was released along with his alter ego, Billy Batson. Packaged in a large, four-color window box and containing multiple accessories including a diorama stand complete with a thunderous sound effect, this was a set worth waiting for. Both the sculping of Captain Marvel and Billy Batson were based on their very first adventures in Whiz Comics and the Captain Marvel figure seemed to be sculped directly from the splash panel in Whiz Comics #2 ! WHIZ COMICS #2 - Splash Panel While the sculptor sculped a larger face, flipped the cape (presumably so that Captain Marvel's left arm could move freely), designed a larger lighting bolt, and added the sash, he/she kept the tipped head and the orientation of the boots as well as the button flap. Comparing the figure to the splash panel of Whiz Comics #2 revea