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DC Super Hero Collection - Best of Figurines - SHAZAM! - #27 (2017)

After the success of their line of heroes in the DC Comics Super Hero Collection, Eaglemoss started a new line, DC Super Hero Collection - Best of Figurines , to re-issue the most popular characters from the first series in metallic resin rather than being cast in lead as they had done in the first series. While the figures were slightly larger in height (with a decreased weight), other aspects of each release had been scaled down and refitted. One of the problems with the first release, as well as many of Eaglemoss's other lines was the packaging. Eaglemoss shipped an 8.5x11 magazine along with a figure in a box both in a clear, sealed plastic bag. Because of this, many of the magazines were damaged in transit as well as the figurines. Eaglemoss rectified this by issuing these new figures in a smaller, four-color window box. Also, by switching to a figurine composition of metallic resign and eliminating lead, Eaglemoss improved the safety of the figurines. Solicitation DC SUPER HE

Eaglemoss Collections Marvel Family Figurines

One of the more under the radar Captain Marvel Family releases occurred under the Eaglemoss banner and unless you live in the United Kingdom, or your local comic shop happened to order them, or you regularly peruse the Diamond Previews catalog, or you stumbled across them on eBay, you may not be aware of them. The Eaglemoss Collection has published figurines of Captain Marvel (as SHAZAM!), Black Adam, and Mary Marvel (as Shazam! Mary) under three different lines starting in 2008 with the latest release in 2017. The three lines are: DC Comics Super Hero Collection, DC Chess Collection, DC Super Hero Collection - Best of Figurines. DC Comics Super Hero Collection From 2008 to 2012, Eaglemoss released 155 DC Comics Super Hero and Villain figurines under the banner of the  DC Comics Super Hero Collection (including special editions and the Blackest Night subset), three of which were Marvel Family members. Each figurine was packaged in an open face, three-sided, two-color heavy cardboard b

Justice League - New 52 - SHAZAM! Action Figure (2013)

With the early success of the New 52 rebooting of the DC Universe in 2011, writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank reimagined Captain Marvel and renamed him "Shazam" in the pages of the relaunched Justice League title. Following the conclusion of the story,  an action figure release of the new World's Mightiest Mortal was soon added to the Justice League New 52 action figure collection, as DC Collectibles followed it up with the release of SHAZAM!  You can find the story that the SHAZAM! action figure is based on in: Originally published in Justice League (Series 2011) #7-11 (May-Sept 2012), 0 (Nov 2012), 14-16 (Jan-Mar 2013), 18-21 (May-Aug 2013) Reprinted in SHAZAM!: Origins - ISBN 10: 1401287891 - ISBN 13: 978-1401287894 Reprinted in SHAZAM!: The Deluxe Edition - ISBN 13: 9781401246990  Solicitation DC COMICS—THE NEW 52 JUSTICE LEAGUE: SHAZAM! ACTION FIGURE From DC COMICS—THE NEW 52 and the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE comes an action figure of Earth's Mightiest M