DC Super Hero Collection - Best of Figurines - SHAZAM! - #27 (2017)

After the success of their line of heroes in the DC Comics Super Hero Collection, Eaglemoss started a new line, DC Super Hero Collection - Best of Figurines, to re-issue the most popular characters from the first series in metallic resin rather than being cast in lead as they had done in the first series.

While the figures were slightly larger in height (with a decreased weight), other aspects of each release had been scaled down and refitted. One of the problems with the first release, as well as many of Eaglemoss's other lines was the packaging. Eaglemoss shipped an 8.5x11 magazine along with a figure in a box both in a clear, sealed plastic bag. Because of this, many of the magazines were damaged in transit as well as the figurines.

Eaglemoss rectified this by issuing these new figures in a smaller, four-color window box. Also, by switching to a figurine composition of metallic resign and eliminating lead, Eaglemoss improved the safety of the figurines.



The best figurines from the celebrated DC Comics Super Hero Collection have been recast in metallic polyresin with new packaging, improved bases and updated magazines.

#27 Shazam

In Shops: Mar 22, 2017

SRP: $17.95

Box data

Four color window box with inner plastic vacuum-formed figurine holder.

Weight and Dimensions

Weight: 6 oz.

Width: 6"
Height: 7.75"
Depth: 2.6"

Front of box

Header logo: DC Super Hero Collection logo 
Footer logo: 1973 SHAZAM! logo
Figure art: SHAZAM! by Alex Ross featuring the likeness of Sal Abbinanti

Box side - Left

Header logo: DC Super Hero Collection
Mid-Bottom logo: 1973 SHAZAM! logo
Bottom logo: Eaglemoss Collections

plus the solicitation image of Captain Marvel (SHAZAM!) figurine.

Box side - Right

Header logo: DC Super Hero Collection
Mid-Bottom logo: 1973 SHAZAM! logo
Bottom logo: Eaglemoss Collections

Side copy: After being chosen as a champion by a powerful wizard, Billy Batson has been blessed with the powers of the gods. He turns into a mighty hero by uttering Shazam's™ name aloud.

plus a three quarter image of Alex Ross's painting of Captain Marvel (SHAZAM!) from the SHAZAM! poster featuring the likeness of Sal Abbinanti.

 Back of Box

Box copy

[photo of magazine front cover]

Every figurine comes with a 16-page detailed booklet that provides a comprehensive history of the character, updated with their exploits in DC Comics: New 52.

Every character is shown in a classic pose

Cast in a specially formulated metallic resin and painted by hand

Visit the website for details of the entire collection


Look out for new figurines released every two weeks

The definitive DC Comics figurine collection, presenting the greatest heroes and villains from over 75 years of DC Comics at 1:21 scale.

[photos showing the following figurines: The Riddler, Starfire, Martian Manhunter, Booster Gold, Raven, Hawkgirl, Spectre, John Constantine, Black Adam, Captain Cold, Aquaman, Superboy Prime]

Box top

Logo: DC Super Hero Collection

Box bottom

Box copy

© 2018 Eaglemoss Ltd, 1st Floor, Beaumont House, Kensington Village, Avonmore Road, London W14 8TS

Recommended Age 14+. Warning! Collectable figurines. Not designed or intended for children.


Composition: Metallic resin
Height: 4" (with base) - 3.75" (w/o base) - original lead figurine height: 3.75"
Weight: 1.7 oz. - original lead figurine weight: 6.6 oz.


Right, Center, Left closeup of figurine


Base bottom


ADA 3032
DC logo ™ & © DC Comics.


Pages: 16
Format: four color with glossy cardboard cover.
Width: 5.75"
Height: 7.10" 

Because the figurine was a re-issue of a previous figurine, Eaglemoss also chose to reissue the magazine content as well. The cover was reset with a new logo and the SHAZAM! logo was repositioned.

Due to the new packaging size, the magazine size also had to be reduced from 8.6" x 10.8" to 5.75" x 7.10". This caused the page artwork and text that were reprinted from the larger magazine to be slightly clipped. 


The Character - With One Magic Word...
The Classics - Shazam's Classic Storylines
The New 52 - The God of Gods (new content)

From the previous magazine, the following content was dropped: The Players, Iconography, and Original Thinking were dropped.


Original lead figurine (l) and Metallic resin figurine (r)


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