Billy Batson and SHAZAM! Return in a New 4-Issue Mini-Series This Summer!

Lightning keeps striking as Captain Marvel, er, SHAZAM! returns in a new 4-issue mini-series this July! Written by Teen Titans Academy writer, Tim Sheridan, and drawn by Clayton Henry -- the four issue series takes Billy on a wild adventure without help from a missing Wizard or his adopted family (who can't change into their own Shazams)! Can anyone help Billy?!? And is he going through puberty?!? All will be revealed, we hope!

Here's the main trade dress cover...

SHAZAM! #1 (2021) -Cover A by Clayton Henry
plus there will be two variant covers... the first by Gary Frank (the New 52 Shazam's original artist and costume designer)...
SHAZAM! #1 (2021) - Cover B by Gary Frank well as a third cover by Steve Lieber...
SHAZAM! #1 (2021) - Cover C by Steve Lieber

Keep checking back as the official solicitation becomes available! Sha-Boom!


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