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Who is The World's Mightiest SHAZAM!, er, I mean Captain Marvel Fan?!?

The following is a semi-autobiographical look at the origins of my love of Captain Marvel and at the end I reveal the identity of The World's Mightiest Captain Marvel Fan ! Be aware that it does take a turn at the end! I love Captain Marvel and yes, I love Shazam! I don’t see that as a contradiction and I don’t see loving the New 52 Shazam! as a black mark or that I’m not a real or true Big Red Cheese fan. I was born in 1960, so I missed the Original Captain Marvel by about 7 years … not that I came out of the womb being able to read or even understand printed pictures but I do remember having a copy of World’s Finest in my crib (at least I think it was because it had Superman, Batman, and Robin in it). By the time I was 10 years old, I was a hard and fast DC Comics fan, who also read Marvel Comics. My favorite comic was Justice League of America and I adored the JLA/JSA team-ups. If asked, I could give the secret identities of even the most obscure DC character (thanks to the tex