Mister Mentor Goes on a Job Interview!


Mister Mentor Goes on a Job Interview!
I really like using my imagination even when I'm supposed to suspend my disbelief. After my blog post about the character of Mentor, from the old SHAZAM! TV show, possibly being the wizard Shazam there was some push back from one of the stars of the original TV show! His red-suited portrayal of The Big Red Cheese is one for the ages. I mean how could you not love that friendly grin?!? 

Even with the heavy hand of Pennsylvania and Alabama's favorite son on the scale, I just can't believe that the Mentor character is simply an average guy. I mean, seriously, how do you interview for that job? I'm thinking that it would probably go something like this... 

Interviewer I see here that your name is Mentor? Is that a first name or last name?
Mentor It's kind of like "Socrates", or "Aristotle", or "Cher". Just call me Mentor or "Mister" Mentor.
Interviewer Okay, then. Well, I have to say, you have a great name and it's just perfect for this job.
Mentor Interesting. Tell me more.
Interviewer Okay. We have a client who wants you to drive this kid around the suburbs of Los Angeles in a motor home. It's an open-ended assignment. It could last a month or three years or longer. Now, get this, the kid is really Captain Marvel...
Mentor The super-hero, Captain Marvel, you mean?
Interviewer Yes, it's true! I was surprised as you are. And you're going to help these Elders, the guys who gave the kid these powers, to teach him moral lessons.
Mentor Elders? You're not talking about Jack Benny, are you? He still owes me money.
Interviewer No, these Elders are really ancient gods, demi-gods and historical figures.
Mentor Seriously? Are you drinking something? And can I have some?
Interviewer No, no, really. I'm talking about Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury.
Mentor And these "guys" are going to talk to me?
Interviewer Well, not so much to you but you'll be able to listen in. But more to Billy, remember he's the kid, through this upside-down red colander with blinking lights.
Mentor Go on. This blinking lights thing is intriguing.
Interviewer Okay, well, Billy will go into a trance and then these Elders will give him kind of vague prognostications about various young people in and around the Los Angeles area and the problems they're facing and he's going to have to figure out the best way to help them.
Mentor So, I guide him in this journey?
Interviewer Well, sort of. You drive the motor home and tell him when he can turn into Captain Marvel. And you run and get help when necessary.
Mentor So, I don't tell him what to do?
Interviewer No. Well, maybe a little. Plus we'll give you a stipend to buy ice cream, pizza malts, you know, the usual.
Mentor So what's the job pay?
Interviewer I'm waiting for the Elders to get back to me on that.
Mentor Sign me up!
Interviewer Wait, wait, before you accept, Mentor... I mean Mr. Mentor... can I just call you Men, for short? We're pretty friendly around here. I just want to say again... you're going to be hanging around with a superhero so there's going to be a fair amount of mine cave-ins, near bicycle mishaps, mountain climbing, being out in the desert with a limited water supply, hanging around construction sites and big machinery. You'll probably be kidnapped, you might have to ride a motorcycle or climb up high in a tree. There will probably be car chases and there's this pretty big motor home you're going to be driving and maneuvering through the side streets of the LA suburbs. And did I mention pizza malts? There's definitely going to be pizza malts. What I'm saying is this: there's a fair amount of danger to this job. Do you really think you're up to this?
Mentor Up to this? I'm a 61 year old bachelor who gets easily winded! Of course, I'm up to this!


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